Harden's Welding Service
Specialized services offered by our company include:
All exotic metals
Automated I.D. and O.D. overlay
Fabrication and Repair
Hard surfacing
Heat-wear corrosion resistant cladding
Precision hand and automated mig and tig
Procedures and Consulting
QA/QC consulting
Technical support
Weld development
World class pipe fabrication
Fittings and Specialty welding products
Chemical cylinders
Filter housings
Valve modification
Miss-machined and worn parts
Common alloys are: aluminum, carbon, cobalt-based materials, copper, duplex, nickel-based materials, stainless, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, and non mag stainless.

All work is performed in accordance with applicable industry standards and manufactured by certified welders. Vendors are required to provide material certifications to insure quality assurance. Materials that do not meet our inspection standards are rejected. All parts serviced, repaired or modified, will be tagged, stamped or otherwise identified to insure traceability.
Precision Clad Lining ID
Overlaying of Seal Bore Areas
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